AAVL - What is AAVL?

AAVL – What is AAVL?

One of the biggest obstacle for small business owners is not knowing right vendors for the services they need on their path of Entrepreneurship e.g. which lawyer to contact to incorporate the business, thereafter which company can make an affordable but quality website, from where to get the business cards done, furniture, phone system, security system etc. etc. the list goes on.

Not knowing the right vendors is not only frustrating, but it also takes the attention away from the core business, which should actually be the prime focus of the Entrepreneur.

Pleasures of Entrepreneurship, eh!

Most small businesses and start-ups are born with an idea, a spark, an Aha moment.

Thereafter though, to convert that Idea into a commercially viable business, the Entrepreneur needs many trusted partners e.g. an Accountant to guide about the corporate structure, a Lawyer to advice on employee related matters, a Banking relationship to provide financing, Insurance, Marketing, Bookkeeping etc.

Without having the right partners, an entrepreneur is highly likely to fail. It’s extremely critical to have trusted partners and suppliers, and that too at the right price points.

When looking for available service providers, most entrepreneurs mainly rely on their best friend – Google!

To be on the first page of Google is the ultimate goal for most vendors. (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is what companies spend thousands of dollars at, as they know that entrepreneurs will surely be using Google to find the “right” vendor.

The most important question is, that the company which is at the top of the list on Google search, is that the right company for you? Mostly not.

That’s where the need for a list with tried and tested suppliers is. That’s where AAVL adds value.

At AccuRoot Financial Solutions, as part of our Business consultancy services, often budding entrepreneurs would seek our help to get them in touch with trusted vendors.

Sensing their needs, we decided to create a list of vendors that we have worked with and / or we believe will provide quality service.

AAVL, will not only help entrepreneurs (users of AAVL) to reach out to these quality vendors (participants on AAVL), but it will also allow these vendors to market their products / services.

“List your business on AAVL and be visible to Winnipeg business community”

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