1,000 professional services hours will be served to assist new comers, start new businesses in the province.

December 15, 2015 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – AccuRoot Financial Solutions, a Winnipeg based business consultancy and bookkeeping company, announces its plan to assist Syrian refugees and new immigrants settle in Manitoba. The company pledges to serve 1,000 professional hours, worth up to $100,000, over the next two years period. These hours will be spent in assisting the new comers with setting up businesses, making business plans and providing support in budgeting, bookkeeping, networking and marketing.

The pledge is a part of company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan. The idea stems from company’s passionate desire to serve the fellow human beings and demonstrate the spirit of the “Friendly Manitoba’ where people truly believe in the power of diversity, community and respect.

Rafiq Punjani, the Managing Director of AccuRoot Financial Solutions, announced today their commitment. He said “Our initiative aims at serving the refugees and new immigrants who are coming to Canada with a dream of a safe and sound future with their families. We will help our fellow citizens make Winnipeg, Manitoba their new home.”

He further added: “It’s time to give back. These expatriates are arriving from a highly stressful environment and the best gift we can ever give is to help them settle down, financially, professionally and emotionally, as quickly as possible. Twenty years down the road, when we will look back, we can proudly say that we assisted our fellow residents to succeed and helped our city and country to grow!”

AccuRoot Financial Solutions is a one-stop resource hub for the bookkeeping and financial consultancy needs, throughout Winnipeg. They take pride in providing their clients with highly professional, personalized services and guidance on a wide range of financial and business needs.

For any questions please feel free to contact Naureen Punjani, Director Marketing and Communications at AccuRoot Financial Solutions at NaureenPunjani@AccuRoot.ca204-963-7250.